Welcome to Hennatopia

My goal is to give everyone a bit of bliss from their own bit of henna. Whether it is the five year old treasuring the small flower on her hand, the complex bridal design of lotuses and peacocks for the soon-to-be bride, or the simple and elegant name of a beloved grandchild  on a loving grandmother, henna makes people smile. A smile is always perfect for that person and the beauty of henna will bring a smile for many days to weeks after it is first done. Welcome and I hope you get the chance to get a bit of your own body art bliss.

hen·na [hen-uh]

1. an Asian shrub or small tree, Lawsonia inermis,  of the loosestrife family, having elliptic leaves and fragrant flowers.
2. a reddish-orange dye or cosmetic made from the leaves of this plant.
3. a color midway between red-brown and orange-brown.

U·to·pi·a [yoo-toh-pee-uh]

1.  any real or imaginary society, place,state, etc, considered to be perfect or ideal

Fantastical & Fresh Henna Body Art